We repaired: inverters, controllers, embroidery, loom, machinery and controllers to dyeing process, knitting machines, paper, stockings, PLC controlers.

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  • quick repair of machinery and industrial equipment,
  • professional services - control and executive components of technological lines,
  • repair of electronic packages without any technical documentation,
  • computer integrated systems of:
    • planning, support and production accounting,
    • placing a central utility patterns for machines,
    • control of single machines, production sockets, implementing systems,
    • continuous monitoring of technological processes,
  • comprehensive service in:
    • installation and startup systems at the object,
    • upgrading of industrial control systems of technological lines,
  • prototype design of electronic devices,
  • design of printed circuit boards according to the diagram supplied by the customer,
  • software development for:
    • specialized logic chips (GAL, CPLD, FPGA)
    • universal industrial PLC controllers.

We guarantee the highest quality and reliability, value for money products and services, convenient forms of financial accounts, as well as professional service contracts.