We repaired: inverters, controllers, embroidery, loom, machinery and controllers to dyeing process, knitting machines, paper, stockings, PLC controlers.

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BPM company was founded in the middle of1993 in Lodz. The company's founders are engineers who have worked in the Institutes of Automation and Electrical Apparatus Technical University participated in the development of the late 80s of last century the first Polish microprocessor control systems in production lines and production machinery. Initially, the company's operations focused on serving the national companies of light industry and involved in the design and modernization of measurement and control circuits for machine embroidery, knitting and dyeing. Responding to market demand, the company expanded in the early 90's, the scope of its activities for the provision of repair and now specializes in professional service of industrial machinery and electronic packages and modules (especially without the technical documentation), and also in creating applications built into the PLC upgraded control systems.

The offer is the design of the customer's request for a dedicated driver to control machines and equipment operating in diverse industries (including the provision of supervision over their production run) and the provision of services designed low-volume contract manufacturing facilities.

BPM also provides services for selected clients in creating software that runs at the hardware level, intended for monitoring and production support.

Company's core team is now 12 people, including the 10 experienced engineers in the specialized equipment, unique diagnostic software and any powers to provide, in the light of existing legislation on professional and technical standards in accordance with the provision of services.